MY BUCKET LIST ~ at least one wish


I have a dear friend! I have been blessed to call her my friend for over 25 years.



We met when we were both orienting for a new job. I remember thinking the first time I saw her that she was "one of those girls". She was beautiful and smart and all the guys in the orientation class stared at her and fought to sit next to her. No, it was not high school…it was a classroom full of grown adults. It was fun to watch though.

When we first started talking, we found out that we had a lot in common. We were both newly married, brand new nursing graduates, and we both had the same basic beliefs about God and family. 

She moved away shortly after we became friends. I was so sad to see her leave. I thought I'd never get to see her again. 

BUT, my friend had bigger and better plans.

For the next fifteen years or so, she would always initiate our visits. She would come visit me one year. Then I would go visit her the next year. Our families, as they got bigger and bigger, loved each other just like they were family. It was a highlight of every year for me.

We've seen each other through some tough times, fun times, exciting times and sometimes silent times. She's the kind of friend that, even though we won't talk for years, we'll get together and it's like we just talked yesterday.

Recently, we've started meeting in a city that is smack dab in the middle of our homes. We both drive about three hours. We stay at a nice comfy hotel, stay up late into the night talking and laughing and catching up. We drink wine, we snack, we talk about our kids, snack some more, we laugh about everything and anything, and then we end with some more snacks sometime in the wee hours of the morning!

Our most recent rendezvous was the year of my 50th birthday. It kills me to say she's a lot younger than me (DARN!). She brought balloons and decorations, presents, and more presents, wine and lots of snacks. She made me feel so special. Have I mentioned I'm blessed to have her as my best friend??

During our stay, we talked about one of my favorite movies "The Bucket List". My friend hadn't seen it so, of course, I sent her a copy when I got home. It's about two men (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) both diagnosed with terminal cancer. One of the men (Morgan) attempts to write out a bucket list of things he wants to do before he dies (with a lot of urging from his wonderful supportive wife!). The other gentleman (Jack) grabs the list from the garbage where it ended up out of frustration and he proceeds to write other bucket list wishes.

Jack Nicholson's character owns the hospital where they meet as patients. Needless to say, he's swimming in the dough, his ship came in, he broke the bank, he's filthy rich, he's made of money. You get the point.

For the rest of movie, they're fulfilling the list. From skydiving, to racing mustangs, from riding motorcycles on The Great Wall of China to kissing the most beautiful woman (which ends up being Nicholson's granddaughter). It is  a very touching movie about friendship, time lost, treasured moments and family. 



It got me thinking of my bucket list. I don't have a list per se but I have dreams. It's the same thing, right?

One of my dreams since I saw "The Brady Bunch" go to Hawaii was to go, too. They made it look so beautiful. 

Well, guess what? 



We've decided that time is short. We only have a few more years before all the kids are grown and married with kids of their own. WOW! I'm getting old! So we're taking the plunge! 

I can't wait to share all the pictures and memories with y'all.

What is on your bucket list? Please share!


Love y'all,