PLANS FOR THE LAUNDRY ROOM ~ and it isn’t doing a load


One of the projects on my  TO DO LIST FOR 2014  is this laundry room.

laundry rooma

It's a generic, one wired shelf kind of laundry room. Nothing exciting or interesting.

My plans are to use the upper cabinets of the kitchen cabinets we bought at the ReStore place for the family room bookcases seen here.


These are the bottom cabinets and we have the whole top set stored in the garage awaiting some cleaning and white paint. So we'll take down the wire shelves and replace them with white cabinets. I also want to add board and batten or beadboard (not sure yet) to the wall across from the washer and dryer. You can't see it in the pictures. 

I bought a vinyl saying that will be a surprise until I hang it. Gotta keep the suspense going you know!

Where the hamper is, I want to have a counter of some sort with pull out bins on wheels with white and color tags. Maybe my kids will learn how to separate their own laundry. 😉


I love this idea but I think I would add wheels to the hampers.

A great idea I saw today to dress up plain white linoleum floors is to paint stripes on them.



Isn't this cool? 

Sadly, it's still pretty cool here. Once it warms up, I'm going to get the paint out and start my next project. I can't wait to share it with you. 



Love y'all,