I love movies! In high school, I worked at a movie theater and some of my favorite memories happened after the theater closed on a Thursday and the staff would stay and watch a new movie that was opening Friday. We had the whole theater to ourselves and we had FUN!!

Nowadays, it's just a great excuse to get all the family together in one room for two hours. Offer pizza, drinks, other very healthy snacks (is chocolate a vegetable?), and everyone shows up. We turn off all the lights in the house and turn the volume way up.

Now, I have to be honest. The movies I watch with my kids are probably NOT on my faves list.  My kids like a completely different genre of movies than I do. I'm usually under the covers screaming at their movies. I'm more of chick flick, tear jerker kinda gal. Just turn on one of my faves and the room is cleared quickly!!

I just read The Pioneer Woman's Top 32 Movies of all time post and wow she likes all the Oscar winners. It's funny. When I watch the Oscars, I never vote because I've never seen any of them. I'm not sure why that is. I like feel good movies, love stories, tear jerkers. I guess those are not Oscar worthy!!

So I thought I would do my own list of favorite movies of all time.  You're going to find out I love sports themed movies, non-fiction movies, Nicholas Sparks movies, Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Lucas movies and I'm a sap for the underdog!


On to the list~

(in no particular order)

1. Gone With the Wind.

Annex - Leigh, Vivien (Gone With the Wind)_01i

Who doesn't love a beautiful narcissist who chases after the wimpy guy while being courted by the rich good looking  guy??

2. Pretty Woman


Overlooking the heroine's profession, this is a great love story.

3. Bucket List

The Bucket List - Movie Wallpaper - 02

Two old guys that have terminal cancer. A real downer but I found myself laughing and crying all the way through!

4. American President


I'm not a big fan of politicians but Michael Douglas makes it look good. A true family man and a real gentleman.

5. Shawshank Redemption


A wrongfully convicted prisoner spends 20 years digging a hole through his cell wall, crawls through human waste and ends up in Mexico on a boat. A great friendship forms between him and Morgan Freeman (one of my favorites).

6. Forrest Gump


The hero of the story is both mentally and physically challenged and ends up a very successful, kind, popular guy. I always cheer for the underdog.

7. It's a Wonderful Life


Another underdog, Jimmy Stewart sacrifices everything for everyone. When he hits rock bottom, all of his friends come to save him. A tear jerker!

8. A Beautiful Mind


My favorite movies are the ones that are about real people. A brilliant schizophrenic fights his mental illness and wins. Great love story!

9. The Wizard of Oz


Spoiler alert…it's all a dream!!

10. The Help


Again, I find myself cheering for the underdog. I hate ignorance and this movie is full of it. When I wasn't screaming at the screen, I was cheering for the maids!

11. Beauty and the Beast

images (1)

A beautiful young girl falls in love with a handsome prince hairy grumpy beast! What girl hasn't dreamed of that?

12. Remember the Titans

remember the titans front

Denzel Washington…nuf said!!


13. Coach Carter


Coach Carter Poster

Channing Tatum…nuf said!!

14. We are Marshall


Matthew McConaughey…nuf said!! Notice the theme for the last three of my faves. Sports, handsome men, true stories,  the underdog wins!! I'm so predictable!

15. Dirty Dancing

images (2)

The dancing scenes in this film make me swoon!!

16. Tangled


Innocent young girl manipulated by the funny handsome thief. The girl wins out!! Love it!

17. Frozen


Olaf…nuf said!! He's hilarious!! Great music. Beautiful story of sisterhood.

18. The Notebook

images (3)

Nicholas Sparks writes sappy love stories that all happen in North Carolina. Love him!!! This is my favorite of his books by far. I hate Alzheimers!

19. 13 Going on 30


Jennifer Garner…nuf said. If I ever had a girl crush it would be with her. Pretty, sweet, and she can dance in 5 inch heels. WOW!! My hero!

20. Sweet Home Alabama


Josh Lucas is always one of my favorites. Reese Witherspoon is a snob but she comes around to Lucas' side eventually. Who wouldn't?


21. A Time to Kill


Another Matthew movie!!! The closing argument gets me every time…every time being about a million times!

22. The Holiday


If Jude Law had Jack Black's personality, I would be in love!!

23. P.S. I Love You

images (4)

I cried the whole way through this movie!!! Oh yea, and Gerard Butler is in it. YUMMY!!

24. Blind Side


I loved this movie because it hit home for me. My life was no where near as bad as Michael Oher but I was blessed to have a family who took me in when I needed help and I will always be grateful!! Leigh Anne Tuohy is a clone of the woman who helped me. Love her!

25. Glory Road


Ignorance again rears its ugly head. The underdog wins again!

How did I do? Do we have the same taste in movies or am I way off??

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Love y'all,