ALOHA FROM MAUI ~ Day #2 The beach

Five o’clock in the morning comes around pretty quickly when you’re experiencing jet lag.  

Bright and early the whole family was awake and perky!!

I enjoyed a cup of tea and a bagel sitting on the patio outside our family room listening to the waves. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Noelani Condominium Resort offers a free breakfast and orientation to Maui around the pool at 9:00AM. If you click on the link, you can see a tour of our specific condominium ~ Suite #308.

We met Noelani’s concierge Bruce and his wife as we sat by the pool and heard about all the great things to do while we are here. He told us  little secrets about free or cheap parking spaces, the best times to do different activities, best beaches, best restaurants, the predicted weather every day, etc. It was very informative. 

We decided to spend our first day on Maui at the beach. We went to a beach that Bruce had recommended with great parking.  It was called Kahekili Park with picnic tables, gazebo, and a boardwalk. We brought a picnic lunch so after we played in the surf for awhile, we came back to the tables, ate our lunch and played a little soccer and frisbee.

PicMonkey Collagebeach

The kids wanted to go back into the water to cool off so me and the LOML spent some time in a shaded area near the shore. We shared our space with a sweet little dog who was conked out in the cool sand. Who are the smart ones??

We returned to the condo for showers and a little down time and World Cup before heading out to dinner. 

Again, Bruce led us to the perfect restaurant, Sands of Kahana Terrace Restaurant. Like most of the restaurants we went to, the restaurant was outside. It was next to the hotel pool and beach. We got to see the amazing sunset while we ate a delectable dinner. I believe this was my favorite meal. I had the top sirloin with teriyaki and curry rice. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!! Jeff, our server, was so friendly and helpful. He also took this picture for us.


I bought new mirrored sunglasses before we left on our trip and the LOML and Son #1 tried to get the sunset’s reflection.


They did a pretty good job didn’t they? And of course, my mouth is open as usual!!

After dinner, we took a stroll down Front Street in Lahaina which had a small set of streets with shops and restaurants and a park. In the middle of the park is a gigantic beautiful almost creepy banyan tree that has grown into multiple trees. It is the largest banyan tree in the U.S.

PicMonkey Collagetree

We ate delicious shaved ice to close out the night.

Our first full day on Maui was wonderful. We were all ready to take a nap about noon. Nice jet lag!!

IMG_9247 IMG_9248

From our family ~ ALOHA (which we learned from Bruce this morning is not just a word but a state of mind to Hawaiians meaning “Love”)