ALOHA FROM MAUI ~ Day #4 Turtles and Dolphin

Son #1 was very excited about snorkeling in the ocean today. We rented two adult size snorkel sets and one child size for Daughter #2. A couple of us even used hers because we were having so much fun!!

We went to a new beach called Black Rock Point in Ka’anapali because we were told it has some of the best snorkeling in the area. It was voted a number of times as one of the best beaches. We parked in the Sheraton Maui Resort parking lot and on Bruce’s (remember him?) recommendation, bought a couple of root beers from the restaurant and got our parking sticker validated so we paid $1 instead of $6 an hour. What a deal.

The beach was beautiful! The water was so blue. The black rock is a peninsula that sticks out from the shore and people can jump off into the 25 feet deep ocean below. None of the kids were interested in doing that but the boys did snorkel around the black rock. They all saw beautiful colored fish and sea urchins. Daughter #2 just snorkeled near the shore where we stayed.

PicMonkey Collageblackrock

One thing about Hawaii which I just loved is the fact that it can rain for 2 minutes and then be beautiful the rest of the day. It did that a couple of times while we were there. We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather. 

While I was laying out in the sun, it started to rain. It felt so good to be cooled off for a little while. Then the rain quickly stopped, it got hot again and we left. 

We headed back to the beach we went to a couple of days before at the Kahekili Beach Park where we had another picnic lunch, played some soccer and snorkeled a little bit more. We got a nice surprise while we were there. We had a little dance show from a pod of dolphin. They were fun to watch as they jumped and dived. It really was like they were performing for us. While the kids were snorkeling, they saw more sea turtles. Daughter #1 and #2 loved that!!

PicMonkey Collagesoccer

PicMonkey Collagesnorkel

Because we are such a big party, we always tried to make reservations for dinner. We could only get a very late 8:45 dinner reservations so after showering and watching a little more of the World Cup we headed to The Shops at Wailea for a little shopping before heading to Monkeypod Kitchen for dinner. It was a beautiful restaurant that is known for using local ingredients grown right in their community. There was also live music. We were starving when we got there!! I had their cheese pizza which was very good. 

While we were there, the band sung a couple of old favorites: “Sweet Caroline” by James Taylor (a Carolina boy!), “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show which has a line that says “And if I die in Raleigh, at least I’ll die free” and another catchy tune “Free Falling” by Tom Petty. The band was great and they had us singing and thinking about home.

Can’t wait to share what we did on Day #5 ~ Volcanoes and lots and lots of walking!!


Love y’all,