ALOHA FROM MAUI ~ Day #5 Volcanoes and a very long walk back up!

Today we visited Haleakala National Park.  On our drive there, we saw a rainbow.

PicMonkey Collagerainbow

We stopped off at the small town of Paia before heading to the park. It consisted of small shops and restaurants. We shopped a little and I bought a Maui baseball cap.


We ate lunch outside at the Milagros Food Company. I had the MahiMahi fish sandwich and it was yummy. The sauce they offer with it was sweet and tasty. YUMMY!

PicMonkey Collagepaia


If you look just above the arrow on the above map of Maui you can see a very twisty and turny road headed toward the park. That's EXACTLY what the road is. As you are going up, you are able to look down (WAY DOWN!) to where you came from. It is somewhat frightening, at least for me. Son #1 did a great job driving the twisty road.

We arrived at the visitors center where we parked the van and walked to the crater which is on the map right of the arrow.


The walk down was a piece of cake. It was about 2.5 miles long. We stopped before we got to the very bottom but the boys continued farther down. The whimps old and young headed back up. WOW!!!! I was praying for an ambulance, horseback rider, alien ship to pick me up and bring me to the top. It was a tough walk back up. 

PicMonkey Collagevolcano

The views were so beautiful they looked like God painted them on a canvas. It was breathtaking!!

PicMonkey Collagecrater

The last picture of my leaning against the sign….I was begging for someone to save me. 


This is the view on the walk back up. My heart does palpitations just looking at this picture. WOW! What a strenuous walk!

We were told we had to see the sunset at the summit which was a little bit higher up the mountain. When the time got close, we drove up to the observation of the summit. The temperature went from 70 degrees to 40 degrees as the sun went down. The scenery was beautiful and we were COLD!!

While we were awaiting the beautiful sunset we ran into someone who was carrying an Appalachian State bag. The LOML had a nice conversation with him. He was a graduate. Small world.


And now on to the long awaited sunset….


IMG_9771 IMG_9772 IMG_9778 IMG_9782 IMG_9789 IMG_9790 IMG_9791

PicMonkey Collagefamily

PicMonkey Collagesunset

Today I can't help but be reminded that each beautiful thing we saw today ~ the rainbow, craters, clouds, sunset ~ are all God's handiwork. He created each beautiful scene because He loves us!!  Wow, what an awesome God we have. 


Love y'all,