A LITTLE YARD WORK ~ and lots of digging

How do you get inspired to get projects done?

I always put the pressure of company coming to get me off my butt!

A couple of weekends ago, we had some friends come for dinner…


Does anyone else do that to themselves or am I a masochist all by my lonesome??

This is how our outside looked like before we started.


Everything is overgrown AGAIN! This picture is old so picture the back bushes double the size they are, and the short bushes in front of them are also about double the size. It's very crowded.

So I decided to take the four short bushes in front of the large bushes out and plant them around our new air conditioning fence.


IMG_0457 IMG_0458

Digging holes is one of those jobs that is absolutely HORRIBLE!! It's hard on the arms, back, legs, everything!

We dug the width of the holes the size of the root ball and the depth 1-1/2 times the size of the root. We filled the holes 2/3 with a mixture of potting soil and dirt from the hole. 

It was really hot out so this just wasn't a fun job for anyone. Each of the boys came out at some point to help which was a Godsend. 

The next job on the list of top HORRIBLE jobs was digging 12 year old bushes out. The roots were giving us some major attitude! Thank you to Son #2 for all his hard work on that job!! The decluttered front looked so neat and clean especially after we weeded and added mulch.

IMG_0448a IMG_0450

When the lilies and purple plants bloom there is so much beautiful color in this space.  A few months ago, it looked like this…



We also ran to Lowe's Home Improvement and bought the pre-made planters that I'm so glad someone with a green thumb already does so I can just bring it home and plop it into a pretty planter.

IMG_0452 IMG_0454 IMG_0455

This cutie pie waters all the flowers and the replanted bushes every day. She does a great job!!


When it cools off a little, my plan is to plant some perennials around the air conditioning fence to add some pretty color.

I'm so grateful that it is Friday. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Any plans for your weekend?

Whatever they are, keep safe and enjoy!!


Love y'all,