Do you remember our kitchen redo a few years ago?

PicMonkey Collagekitchen

And the kitchen table redo?

PicMonkey Collagetable

We are still loving our kitchen……..BUT………

do you see the chairs and barstools? They look so plain don't they? They are the same color as the walls. What was I thinking?? 

Now, do you remember my pantry door?


Isn't it so bright and cheerful and pretty? Well, I had this brainstorm to paint the barstools and chairs the same color. What do you think?

In the great state of NC today, it's hot and humid but yet very dark and gray. We're expecting some rain later in the afternoon so hopefully, I can get this project done before the rain begins.

I took all the chairs and stools out on our deck and sanded every nook and crevice of all the pieces. Daughters #1 &2 were a big help!! Daughter #2 wiped all the dust away after the sanding was all done. 

The LOML found out that our compressor that we used to put the nails in the wood floors in the family room has an attachment to spray paint. He was so excited to find that little tidbit out so that's how we painted the chairs. 



What a much faster way to paint than with a brush!!!

IMG_0960a IMG_0963a

You can tell a slight difference with one coat how brighter the right chair is than the left.

Two coats of Valspar's Fresh Pear in satin. Two coats of polyurethane followed.

Love how it adds a little punch of color!


I Love It!!!!

A little before and after…

PicMonkey Collagegreen

That's the brighter. Now to the lighter. I've always loved the ambience of lights under the cabinets. I found these at my neighborhood Lowes Home Improvement.

IMG_0938 IMG_0939

All we had to do was add three AAA batteries to the back,


 stick a two sided sticky on the back


and apply it to any surface.


I love how it looks.

PicMonkey Collagelights

And at night……

IMG_0976 IMG_0977

Next project on my list….

The Laundry Room!!

You can see my plans here.

Hope y'all are enjoying your week!



Love y'all,