ELEGANT INTERIOR DOORS ~ with a little bling!

It takes visitors to my house for me to get off my butt and complete projects that have been running around in my head and I have been ignoring!

New idea brain


When I feel the pressure of company coming to visit, all of a sudden I'm energized to do the thousand projects I've been procrastinating for years! This is where the LOML is a saint! He just goes along with it like it's completely normal to have the Energizer bunny for a wife! Thank you Lord for my husband!

One of the projects that was hanging over me like a weight was the laundry room.



Another project was the boys' bathroom.


The project that I want to show you today is the interior door painting project along with adding pretty crystal knobs.

A couple of years ago, I painted the inside of our front door black when I repainted the staircase.


I love how it added class to the foyer. Since then, I've wanted to tie it all together by painting all the interior doors the same color.

Here's my ADD brain saying "Oh company is coming….let's paint all 11 interior doors black." Do you see what the LOML has to put up with?? 

Here's the before of the hallway.


And the after…..


The remaining white doors are to the bonus room. My dream someday is to hang black barn doors on sliders. Can you see it?

IMG_5316 IMG_5317 IMG_5319

Now I need you to climb into my crazy brain for a second and imagine white board & batten paneling half way up the wall in the whole hallway. Then imagine the carpet GONE and dark mahogany stained hardwood floors. Can you see it?? Now imagine it done! (for all you "A Time to Kill" fans).

I love my new doors and door knobs. Another step closer to a finished home.


Love y'all,