PROGRESS ON THE SECOND BATHROOM ~ alias the fishy bathroom

We’ve been working on the guest bathroom this weekend after a long break.

You know how life gets in the way? School, sports, vacations, etc.

Well, my girls started back to school and we had a break in our frisbee tournament schedule so we took advantage and got some work done.

Just to recap, this is what the bathroom looked like.

PicMonkey Collagebb1

And here is our inspiration.



So far, we have painted the walls a nice light grey


and the vanity a darker gray. We also replaced the hardware with these pretty crystal drawer pulls.


Next, we got out all our tools, ran to Lowe’s for some lumber, and we were off!

The first thing we had to build was the center shelves.

The LOML cut two pieces for the sides and two pieces for the top and bottom and attached with screws.




I primed with two coats of primer then painted with white trim two coats. We will add a beadboard back panel after we finish installing the lights above each sink.

The next step was to build the frames around each mirror.

Off to Lowe’s AGAIN!! The LOML cut 45 degree cuts.


We then glued each piece together, taped it to hold in place. We caulked the corners, I primed and painted with two coats each.




We glued each frame to each mirror, taped for extra hold.


We had to cut small notches out of the backs of the frames with a dremel tool to accommodate the washers and screws that are holding the mirror in place. You can see it in the picture above.

IMG_7532 IMG_7534

We also had to use a shower curtain tension rod to put pressure on a board that was giving us a little attitude!

IMG_7536 IMG_7537

We did not attach the shelves so we can remove that to add the beadboard backing after we install the lights.

It’s coming along nicely!!!!

Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend!


Love y’all,



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