My girls and I did our first Christmas craft today and it was so fun!

I saw this video on Pinterest and fell in love. The snowmen are so cute!

I bought a two sock package that came with one striped and the other plain in pink and gray.

I followed each step of the video.

Step 1 Cut the sock in half just above the heel.

PicMonkey Collagesock

Step 2 I used the bottom part of the sock (the foot) for the snowman. I filled it with rice all the way to the top.

Step 3 I tied the top of the sock with string I had laying around the house.


Step 4 I shaped the head how I wanted and tied around the neck.


Step 5 I used the top part of the sock for the hat. I turned the sock inside out and tied one end.


Step 6 I turned it back to right side out and folded the end and placed on top of head.

Step 7 I used colored straight pins for the eyes and nose.


Step 8 I hot glued three buttons down the body.

IMG_9502 IMG_9505

Step 9 I cut a strip of the sock that matched the hat and made a scarf and tied it around the neck.

So adorable!!!!!

IMG_9521 IMG_9540

I still have my Thanksgiving decorations up. Plus a few snowmen!

Hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Love y’all,