I got to spend a fun day with a dear friend talking over breakfast and doing a little post-Christmas shopping.

We went to the Garden Supply Center in our town.

My friend whom I will call Mrs. Queen Shopper knew that they were having a 70% off sale on their Christmas decorations.

And WOW what a sale it was. I don’t shop very often (I just don’t enjoy it) and Mrs. Queen Shopper enjoys shopping and she’s very good at it. If I want to buy something, she will know if I can find it cheaper somewhere else. She’s amazing!! I’m the kind of shopper that goes into a store specifically to buy one thing and does just that. I don’t browse.

Have you ever seen this picture on Pinterest?


It’s hilarious! I’m definitely the guy in that picture. I go in, I get what I need, and I’m out!

Mrs. Queen Shopper is very patient with me as she teaches me what to look for and how to price things.

I spent about $150 and saved about $65. I was very proud of myself leaving the store.

ADDENDUM: Mrs Queen Shopper just told me that my math is all wrong. She’s also a math wiz!! I saved $350!! I’m soooo not a math person anymore!

One brainstorm that came about on my shopping excursion was pretty winter wreaths for my windows in my family room that flank the fireplace.

I found these pretty sticks with green leaves, light eggplant colored pinecones and lots of sparkle.



I also found these adorable bird cages with a sweet bird perched inside.


Now I just needed a way to hang my brainstorm so I ran into AC Moore and found some pretty sparkly lilac ribbon.


I also bought some floral wire to keep the sticks in a circle and to attach the bird cage to the wreath.

And here is my brainstorm come to fruition.

IMG_9860 IMG_9861 IMG_9863 IMG_9864

I think they’re adorable. And I especially love the sweet little birds.

Have a great week everybody!


Love y’all,