ENTERING A NEW STAGE ~ Goodbye swing set

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Being in this club called parenting, we are all in a constant state of transition.

From newborn and all the wonders and stresses that brings along, to toddler and constantly on the move, safety is a big factor. As the child becomes more independent, tantrums and “I’ll do it myself” are frequently experienced. Beginning school and losing some of the control of our child’s life, to teenage years when control seems completely out the window but more important than ever. Then you hit Senior year in high school and panic sets in. “Have I taught him/her all that they need to know to succeed in college/life?”

Let me tell you ~ I’ve been through every one of these stages and everything in between multiple times and I have one piece of advice.

ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MINUTE! You’re going to blink and it will all be over. They’ll be out of the house with kids of their own.

As the kids grow, their needs change.There are things that they once needed and don’t need anymore. Diaper bags, DIAPERS!!, baby socks, cribs, walkers, high chairs, baby utensils, bottles, maternity clothes, all levels of books, toys, car seats and the list could go on and on.

Having a large family, we were able to use most of these things for many years before giving them away or donating them!

When the time came to say goodbye to said things, it was always bittersweet for me. I would reminisce about memories with each item.

Well, this weekend, we said goodbye to one of the big things….THE SWING SET. We’ve had a swing set(not the same one mind you) at every house we’ve owned for as long as we have had children.

OUR FIRST HOUSE  (1990 ~ 1994)

Me and my sister and her two girls and my two boys.


OUR SECOND HOUSE (1994 ~ 2001)

That’s Son #2 on the right swing, Son #4 standing on the slide and a neighbor friend is swinging on the baby swing.


OUR THIRD HOUSE (2001 ~ Present)

My two daughters and my big butt in the background trying to make a snowball with the minimal snow we got!


Our present swing set was weathered and deteriorating. The swings were breaking away from the chains, the bench swing was in such bad shape, the wood on the seat was painful to sit on. The slide had broken in half a few years ago so we had to remove it and board up the opening.

With the help of some of the boys, we cut up the whole set into smaller more manageable pieces and brought it all the dump.

PicMonkey Collageswings

With our newly open back yard, our family is now ready for a more grown-up space.

What do you think of this?



Or this?



Maybe this?



I can see us making this 😉



We haven’t decided quite what we’re doing yet in our very open backyard but we’ll let you know when we do!!!

Right now, it’s about 100 degrees outside so we’ll wait until the cooler weather comes in.


Love y’all,