Happy Very Belated Chinese New Year!

My LOML works for a company from China so the week before last was a big holiday for them.


He took off last Friday and Monday so we had four days to rip up carpeting and lay down beautiful wood floors (or so we thought!).

DAY #1

The carpet in the hallway is sixteen years old…and it looks it!! I’m not one to shampoo my carpets much (Please don’t judge!) or even vacuum all that much (REALLY please don’t judge!)

So ripping up the carpet was exciting, rewarding, and kinda disgusting!

The Before

There are many doors off of the hallway so we did our research and asked a lot of questions to our very nice Lumber Liquidator sales associate. We learned that we needed to cut the carpet to leave a 4 inch overhang into the hallway in the doorways of the rooms that will still have carpeting (4 bedrooms, a linen closet and the bonus room).

The rest of the removal was pretty easy. The carpet and padding underneath came up without much fuss.

The next step was to remove the carpet tack strip, nails and the many staples.

I used a pry bar and a hammer and went at it. This is where “OH MY ACHING BACK” came in. I was hunched over for most of this step.

The laundry room is linoleum so we removed the metal strip that held the carpet down.

DAY #2

After we pulled up the carpet, there were a lot of unpainted sections of the base molding so I touched up all of the base molding with white trim paint. I also painted the quarter round molding that will be added to the base molding to hold the floors down.

While I was busy doing the easy stuff, the LOML used an ocillating tool to trim the bottom of each door jamb so the wood floor can slide underneath. A little funny (but only because it didn’t happen to me!), as the LOML was cutting the trim, the photo gallery hanging above his head started attacking him! I heard a big scream and of course I’m thinking he cut off a finger but when I ran upstairs he was holding his head. A big and heavy “&” sign fell on it. I know that hurt!! The second scream, a little while later, was a “believe” sign that attacked his shin bone! Needless to say, I removed all the heavy wall hangings!

The wood flooring will fit like this….

By the way, that’s a sample of our flooring. We bought 3/8″ x 5-1/8″ Engineered Fall Harvest Bamboo at $2.29/sq. ft. from Lumber Liquidators.

What do you think? Doesn’t it look great against the white trim?

I LOVE IT!!!! 

Day 3 and Day 4 coming up next!

Stay Tuned!

Love y’all,