The last part to complete the upstairs hallway wood floor installation project is the transition pieces to connect the carpeting or linoleum in each room to the wood floors in the hallway.

There are 7 transitions to be done ~ four bedrooms, the bonus room, a linen closet, and the laundry room.

We attacked the laundry room with linoleum floors first because we thought it would be the easiest. No wrestling with carpeting!

We were right.

The transitions come in 72 inch pieces.

We measured the door width and cut the transition piece.

We had to cut out a small notch on each side.

We loaded the back with glue and pressed down hard.

We taped and placed heavy weights on it to hold in place.

The carpeted transitions were a little more difficult.

First, we repeated what we did on the linoleum transition. Cut, glued, weighed down.

We waited a couple of days for the glue to set, we removed the weights and painters tape.

We had to trim the carpet and carpet padding to leave just enough to butt up and tuck in against the transition piece.

We nailed a carpet tack strip about 1/4″ away from the transition piece. You can see the arrow that tells you what directions to place it so the little nails can grab on to the carpeting.

The LOML then used his very strong knee and this knee kicker to pull the carpet and make it tight against the transition.

We put glue on the sub-flooring to keep the edge of the carpet from lifting or fraying.

We used a carpet tucker tool to tuck the carpet into the transition piece.

I think they look great!!

We have one more transition to do in the bonus room, the longest one, and sadly, we ran out of pieces so we have to order another piece from Lumber Liquidators.

We’ll install that piece, caulk the quarter round, fill in all the nail holes, return the furniture to its rightful places and we can share…




I’m so excited to show y’all how pretty the hallway turned out.

Please come back soon and see what we did!

Hope you’re inspired to do fun projects in your house!

Love y’all,