SAVANNAH SMILES ~ I’m smiling too!

My boys love the band Relient K. They’re always playing one of their songs on the piano and singing away or playing a youtube video of one of their favorite songs.

Because I just got back from a wonderful trip to Savannah, Georgia, I thought it was appropriate to post the song that Relient K sings called “Savannah” all about the city I visited.


Remember my trip to Charleston last year with my sweet friend Miss L? We’ve been best friends for almost thirty years! We’ve only lived in the same town a few years at the beginning of our friendship but Miss L was so diligent about meeting once or twice a year since then. That’s what a great friend does. And I’m so blessed to have her as my friend.

You can read about our Charleston trip. Just click the links below. There are some beautiful house pictures.

Day 1

Day 2

We wanted to return to Charleston for this trip but all the hotels were booked due to a 10k Race and The 70th Annual Festival of Houses and Gardens. Busy place!

So we decided to visit the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia instead.

 And my what a beautiful city it is!

Miss L drove from Atlanta and I came down from Raleigh and we met at our hotel

The Hampton Inn Midtown

Our room was beautiful and huge! The staff was so friendly and accommodating!

After a bunch of hugs and squeals and some very fast chatter about how good we both looked and how we were looking so forward to this weekend, we headed out for an early dinner.

River Street

Miss L had been here before with her daughter so I followed her lead and we headed to River Street which is an old cobblestone street that runs parallel to the Savannah River lined with small stores and hotels. We had to walk down a steep set of stairs with this sign warning us of danger.

Saturday night was full of people walking along the river, sitting at one of the outside restaurant tables enjoying a drink and some friendly banter, or like us, taking in every little detail of the architecture and interesting people.

Imagine a wedding reception in this hall. A beautiful view of the river. Check out the huge chandeliers!

I skipped lunch (by accident) so I was famished. Miss L recommended Fiddlers Crab House for some yummy seafood.

I ate the Deviled Crab Dinner and a Long Island Iced Tea. We sat out on the open second floor patio and the breeze was beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable night. We watched the gigantic barges go by. It was also prom night because we saw many large groups of well dressed high schoolers posing for pictures.

After enjoying our dinner and drinks, we strolled down River Street and poked into some of the sweet little shops. And some of them were literally “SWEET”. I gained weight just walking into them.

The biggest rice krispie treat I have EVER seen!!!

I saw this sign outside one of the souvenir stores and I may have giggled out loud!

There was a beautiful monument to World War II veterans.

Walking back to our car, we caught some pretty details on Bay Street.

Because I had a five hour drive and Miss L had a four hour drive, we made it an early night.

We hopped into our very comfortable queen beds, chit chatted and caught up on our lives then quickly fell asleep.


After a very good night sleep, we headed down to the hotel’s free breakfast area for a quick bite.

I think there was a cheerleading competition nearby because there were a lot of beautiful young girls with matching athletic suits and very large bows in their hair.

Our first destination was

Tybee Island

Tybee Island ~ Savannah’s beach is 5 miles long. You can also find The Tybee Lighthouse there. Their website states,

“Ordered by General James Oglethorpe, Governor of the 13th colony, in 1732, the Tybee Island Light Station has been guiding mariners safe entrance into the Savannah River for over 285 years. The Tybee Island Light Station is one of America’s most intact light station having all of its historic support buildings on its three-acre site. Rebuilt several times the current Lighthouse displays its 1916 day mark with 178 steps and a First Order Fresnel Lens.”

Yes, we walked up all 178 steps, walked the catwalk around the top of the lighthouse, and yes, I was scared to death!! I hugged the wall for dear life!

Around the lighthouse are five historic buildings ~ the head keeper’s cottage, the first assistant keeper’s cottage (the current administrative building), the second assistant’s cottage, the summer kitchen and the gift store.

We walked through the Head Keeper’s Cottage.

I absolutely loved the wood floors, walls and ceilings!

I had never seen a grandfather clock like this.

The doily had the Tybee Lighthouse on it!

I think Joanna Gaines would love all this shiplap!!

Off the girls’ room was a small play area for their dolls. It was so sweet!

I was drooling over the big chunky baseboard moldings!

I bought some tee shirts for my kids from the gift shop.

The view from the catwalk was beautiful!

Look at those porches!!!

When visiting Tybee Island you can land your helicopter on the helicopter pad.

We had lunch at the North Beach Bar and Grill. It was a very popular place. I had a cheeseburger and sweet potato fries with a sweet tea.

We walked along the shore before hopping in the car and heading home to get all prettied up for our fancy dinner.

We headed back to the hotel for a quick shower before we got all dressed up for a nice dinner out. We ate at The Vault Kitchen and Market which was an Asian fusion restaurant. The food and service were fantastic. We had the chicken lettuce wrap appetizer and then I enjoyed the wide noodle asian stir fry for my main course. YUMMY! I didn’t eat half of it because there was so much so I brought home a doggie bag. It made the car smell so good!

One really neat story ~ right after we were seated, an beautiful lady came up to us and handed us a card and she said, “This gift card has $18 left on it and we wanted to give it to someone and you two look so nice we wanted to give it to you. We’re moving out of town so we can’t use it anymore.” Thank you to a sweet angel!!

And my beautiful dinner date!

After dinner, we headed downtown to the City Market where there was street music and dancing and kids playing and beautiful lights hanging from canopies in front of store fronts.

We stopped for some ice cream at Cinnamon Bear Country Store.

We sat and enjoyed our ice cream on a bench as we watched kids play.

Then we headed back to the hotel where we crashed after all the walking we did.


Because both of us had long drives home, we planned to have a big Sunday breakfast and walk through the Forsyth Park before heading home.

We had a great breakfast at The Diner at Abercorn ~ a cute little family diner.

I believe our waiter was the owner and he told us he has EIGHT kids!!! They sometimes help him in the restaurant. What a great family!!

Forsyth Park

After breakfast, we drove to Forsyth Park. The park is 30 acres large right in the middle of the historic district of Savannah. On all four sides of the park are the most beautiful houses. Some are offices, we saw one that was an animal hospital, and others are private residences.

Parking was tough. There were a lot of people ~ joggers, volleyball players, families, musicians. You name it, they were there!

As we walked into the park after driving around what felt like a million times to find a parking space, there was a sweet little baby girl sitting on a blanket in her prettiest little dress with a huge matching bow in her hair and her dad was sitting in front of her videotaping her first birthday. Her mom and grandma were standing behind dad dancing like crazy people swinging their arms trying to make the sweet baby girl smile. She did not disappoint!! It was the sweetest scene.

In the middle of the park stands a beautiful water fountain.

My beautiful sweet friend <3.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye until next time.

I had the best time this weekend as I always do, laughing, talking, crying, eating, walking, reminiscing with my longest and best friend in the world.

Thank you Miss L for being my friend!

Hope y’all enjoyed reading about our weekend as we much had fun experiencing it.

I recommend visiting Savannah. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful people!

Hope y’all are enjoying your week!

Love y’all,