I have to apologize! I’m a little late with the Spring decor.

Feeling a little lazy after working so hard on our hallway.

But there have been two empty spaces that have been staring me in the face where I have pictured beautiful wreaths hanging ~ my front door and the large mirror in the upstairs hallway.

So I got to work on them today.

I had two empty grapevine wreaths ~ one natural and one painted white and a little smaller.

A few months ago, my sweet friend Miss H (the wise shopper) encouraged me to buy a bow maker from Michael’s.

I had some black and white dotted ribbon from the photo gallery wall in my foyer and a roll of wide burlap ribbon.

I always have these beautiful yellow flowers in multiple vases around the house. They are so cheerful!

I piled everything on the kitchen table.

The first thing I did was fight against the anxiety of this crazy bow maker contraption. Daughter #2 and I read the directions and followed every word using the polka dot ribbon first. She was a big help.

After the bow was finished, I grabbed the wreath and flowers and just laid things out the way I thought would look good. There’s a lot of moving things around and seeing how things look in different arrangements. When I found what I liked, I twist tied the flowers to the wreath, then added the bow with more twist ties.

I think it came out pretty cute.

The burlap bow was a little different. It is very wide and there is no wire. So I just ad libbed and made the two loops separately and twist tied them. Then I added the hanging pieces behind and twist tied. Daughter #2 wanted to add a little color so she found a pretty blue piece of ribbon and I made it the middle loop. It’s so pretty! She may grow up to be a designer!

I loved spending time with my sweet daughter on this long weekend.

I hope your Easter weekend is blessed with love and family and wonderful memories.


Love y’all,