OUR WEDDING VOW RENEWAL ~ and 30 years of wedded bliss

Just recently I wrote a post about being married for thirty years and some advice about what I think has helped us survive thirty years.

I also shared a project that I did specifically for our trip to the beach where we renewed our wedding vows.

We just came back from a trip to the NC beach of Corolla where we laid on the beach, played in the pool, sat in the hot tub, ate a lot, and had a sweet little “ceremony” where we renewed our vows.

I had been planning the “ceremony” for quite a while, getting lots of inspiration from the internet.

I brought a box full of memorabilia from our wedding day ~ framed pictures, a shadow box full of memories, photo albums, a napkin from the reception, silk flowers that used to be filled with bird seed, and the Precious Moments bride and groom which sat atop our wedding cake.

I also bought some new items to decorate the beach house ~ Mr. and Mrs. sign, white candles which were everywhere all lit up, a “We Still Do” sign with our wedding date and vow renewal date, of course new dresses for me and my girls.

I set up a memoriam table for the people I’ve lost since our wedding~my brother who gave me away whom I lost 20 years ago and my mother whom I lost 12 years ago. I miss both of them so much!

I wanted to decorate the house with red roses, my favorite flower. We had to drive 30 minutes to find anyone who sold flowers!! I bought two dozen red roses. My girls and I both carried a single rose down the stairs for the processional.

Before the ceremony, Daughter #1 did my hair. She practice for months before and she did a great job. She had a little bit of help from Son #1 and the LOML to hide all the bobby pins.

Sons #1 & #2 played Canon in D on the keyboards for the processional which was played at our wedding.

Son #4 played the keyboards and sang Ed Sheeran’s “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here.” Son #3 harmonized.

Daughter #1 recited I Corinthians 13 (The Love Chapter) which was also on a pillow I bought for our master bedroom redo that I brought along on our trip.

Son #1 prayed over us as we all stood in a circle and held hands. Most of us cried!!

The LOML and I exchanged our vows. I was a blubbering idiot!! It amazes me that he’s stuck around for thirty years I guess!

The LOML surprised me by singing a song that he wanted to sing to me at our wedding but chickened out. We danced to it as he sang “Always” by Atlantic Starr.


We exchanged rings ~ I got a mother’s ring with each of  my kids’ birthstones and the LOML’s ring was engraved with our wedding date and “Love You More” on the inside.

Daughter #2 played Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” on her violin while her brother, Son #3, played the guitar and sang.

Son #1 took all of the pictures and we also videoed the whole ceremony.

The ceremony was a real family affair. Everyone did such a fantastic job (even the puppies!) and made Mom and Dad very proud!

Afterwards, we went out for a celebratory dinner at Mike Dianna’s, a very nice restaurant in Corolla. The food was great and the atmosphere and service were very nice.

Thanks for letting me share our special day with y’all!

In the comments, let me know how many years you’ve been married. What’s your dream vow renewal ceremony?

Love y’all,