If you know me at all, you know I LOVE the ReStore ~ a store filled with everything you could possibly need to renovate any room in your house.

Just walking through the place gives me inspiration.

One of my favorite finds is old windows.

I used one of my window finds for this project.

The LOML and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. During our vacation this month, we’re headed to the beach where we will renew our wedding vows. It’s just an intimate ceremony with just our kids. I want to decorate the living room of the beach house with memories from our wedding.

I have two old windows sitting in our garage that are just begging for some lovin’ so I want to use them for our wedding photos.

We headed to Office Max where we had two of our favorite wedding photos blown up to 18×20 black and white pictures. Elijah, the Office Max manager, was as excited as we were about our project. He showed us a new type of printer paper that he just ordered for exactly this project. You peel the back off and it sticks to whatever your backing will be.

We used a 1/8″ piece of plywood left over from a previous project, cut to the size of the frame.

We attached the picture to the board.

Then we drilled holes in the back and screwed the back into the back of the window.

And our favorite wedding pictures  views from the past.

I can’t wait to display them for our vow renewal ceremony.

Love y’all,