AN OLD DRESSER ~ made new…kinda!

Our home is always in a kind of upheaval.

People moving out, moving in, growing up.

When Son #1 grew out of his crib 25 years ago (OMG!), we moved him into a big boy bed. We were afraid of him falling out of bed in the middle of the night so we found a company that made beds specifically for this exact situation.

This End Up Furniture Store was that company. They make beds that come with side rails that slide in and out as needed so when the kids don’t need the railing anymore, we can just remove it and the bed is ready for an older child.

As each child grew out of the crib and into a big bed, we would buy another This End Up bed. We made bunk beds out of them, then we made L-shaped bunk bed with the dresser underneath. We could have had two twin beds with or without side rails. One time, when we were building our present house, we lived in a three bedroom apartment for a few months and we had two bunk beds in one room and all four boys slept together. They all loved it!

Here are some throwback pictures of different rooms with this great furniture. It brings back some wonderful memories!

These beds lasted us FOREVER! Son #4 has gone away to college so we’re done with these great beds. It’s an important but sad time for me!!

We have already given a bunk bed set away to a family of small boys.

Son #3 took one of them to his college apartment.

We have two This End Up dressers that are sitting in Son #4s old room along with one lone single This End Up bed and a desk.

While we’re redoing our master closet, I want to put the LOMLs dresser into the closet. BUT, here’s a little hint of a future project on this blog…when we redo our master bedroom, we’re moving our queen bed and the LOMLs dresser into Son #4’s old bedroom.

So…..I’m taking one of the This End Up dressers, cleaning it up, staining a darker color to match the shelves and placing it in the middle of the two shelf sections on the right side of the closet.

Here’s the before, before I sanded it.

When we bought the dresser, it was just natural wood when we bought it and we rubbed tung oil on it to protect the wood. So, I just sanded really well, wiped it down, used wood conditioner before staining with Minwax English Chestnut stain. I followed the directions on the can and only used one coat. After wiping off any excess stain, I let it dry for 8 hours. Then I brushed on three coats of Minwax polycrylic waiting 2 hours in between each coat.

It ended up looking beautiful!

And here’s a little before & after:

Next, I’ll share the rest of the master closet.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Love y’all,