THANKSGIVING MEMORIES MADE ~ Conversation starters

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?

Mine was great minus the very sore muscles from working out the day before and catching whatever bug the kids brought home with them. I’ve been down for the count with this head cold.

Other than that, everyone was home plus a few beautiful girlfriends and an extra puppy and we had a hopping and very happy household. Mama’s heart is full!!

Every family has their own traditions that they enjoy during each holiday celebration.

That’s why I love holidays.

I don’t have a lot of talkers in my family, unless sports are mentioned. Then I lose them in stats and players and great plays said players made during Monday night’s game.

I long for deeper conversations of feelings and hopes and dreams. (Cue pretty violin music in the background)

For many years, we’ve gone around the table at Thanksgiving saying what we’re thankful for. This morphed into an alphabet game of what we’re thankful for. I didn’t know you could be thankful for xylophones!! But there you have it.

This Thanksgiving, I wanted to shake it up a bit.

I found this article entitled “250 Quality Conversation Starters”.  

There’s questions about music and movies and politics and childhood memories and every other topic you can imagine.

I printed out a bunch of the questions, cut them into strips and put them into a bowl.

As we sat down to our very yummy Thanksgiving dinner, I brought the bowl out. I told the family my idea with an option of either each person drawing a question and answering or everyone answering each question that is drawn. They chose to pick one question for each person. I thought we would just go around the table once. Well, the bowl kept going around until all the questions were answered. Yes, it got a little silly at the end but it was a lot of fun.

Examples of some of our favorites:

“Who was your best friend in elementary school? This one initiated some nice memories of past friendships for the kids and me with their moms.

“Where and when was the most amazing sunset you have ever seen?” We got to talk about our trip Maui where we stood on top of the highest point on the island and watched the sunset.

“What makes you nervous?” We all kind of kicked in on this one. Each person had a different answer but it got everyone sharing something that otherwise we wouldn’t share.

“Where is the best place to take a date?” We learned places in our boys’ college town where the boys can go on a date on a college student’s budget.

We had such a great time talking and sharing and laughing way after the meal was over. I recommend this game highly. I kept the questions and still have some questions that I didn’t cut into strips that I’m going to use for our next family dinner. Christmas is just around the corner.

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving. I pray you have much to be thankful for this year.

Love y’all,




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