Since we were in the kitchen this weekend, we were reminded of the dirt. I am by no means a clean freak. I clean when we have company or when it's so disgusting it bothers even me. Well, this weekend, I noticed the grease traps above the stove were dripping yellow goop down the beadboard backsplash. GROSS!!! I'm making it real here people!  The LOML read on the internet of a secret recipe for cleaning the goop up.  He poured 2 cups of … [Continue reading...]


PicMonkey Collagekitchen

Do you remember our kitchen redo a few years ago? And the kitchen table redo? We are still loving our kitchen........BUT......... do you see the chairs and barstools? They look so plain don't they? They are the same color as the walls. What was I thinking??  Now, do you remember my pantry door? Isn't it so bright and cheerful and pretty? Well, I had this brainstorm to paint the barstools and chairs the same … [Continue reading...]



  MAHI MAHI & GARLIC-BUTTER SPINACH & PASTA We tried a couple of delicious new recipes tonight for dinner and I wanted to share them with you. If you're anything like me, you're always looking for new recipes to try out on the family. The LOML bought three pounds of Mahi Mahi filets. He removed the [...]

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A LITTLE YARD WORK ~ and lots of digging

PicMonkey Collagelawn

How do you get inspired to get projects done? I always put the pressure of company coming to get me off my butt! A couple of weekends ago, we had some friends come for dinner… LET'S DO THE YARD!!! Does anyone else do that to themselves or am I a masochist all by my lonesome?? [...]

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PARENTHOOD ~ The Braverman House


A very dear friend of mine told me I had to watch the show "Parenthood".  I'm a big fan of Lauren Graham when she played Lorelai Gilmore on "The Gilmore Girls". So the LOML and I started watching it together on Netflix starting with Season 1. It got addictive!! It's funny and very family-oriented, which [...]

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JORDAN LAKE ~ long-time friends and a pontoon ride


How was your weekend? Mine was jam packed with "old" friends, a pontoon boat ride, and a barbecue.  Have you ever seen one of those huge campers driving down the highway and wondered "How do you park one of those things?" Well, we had a visit from some long-time friends (40 years long) who own one [...]

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ALOHA FROM MAUI ~ and aloha to Maui :(

How to Train Dragon 2 Poster

We are so sad to be ending our family vacation to Maui. We have enjoyed every minute! We had to check out of the Noelani Condominium Resort by 11:00. The kids really wanted to go snorkeling one more time so while they headed to the beach, the LOML and I finished the laundry and packing [...]

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ALOHA FROM MAUI ~ Day #7 Sleeping in, the beach, and a little souvenir shopping

PicMonkey Collageturtles

Do you ever feel like work days last forever and vacation days fly by? Why is that?  I can't believe our Maui trip is coming to an end. We have enjoyed every minute of this trip. The weather has been perfect, the people have been so kind, the food has been delectable, and the boys [...]

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ALOHA FROM MAUI ~ Day #6 Road to Hana


When we were doing our research on Maui before we set off on our trip, we read a lot about the Road to Hana. "Beautiful scenery" "Long and winding road" "Single car bridges" "Beautiful waterfalls and pools" "Don't drive it yourself. Hire a tour guide." After waking up very early to beat the rush of [...]

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ALOHA FROM MAUI ~ Day #5 Volcanoes and a very long walk back up!


Today we visited Haleakala National Park.  On our drive there, we saw a rainbow. We stopped off at the small town of Paia before heading to the park. It consisted of small shops and restaurants. We shopped a little and I bought a Maui baseball cap. We ate lunch outside at the Milagros Food Company. [...]

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