CLOSET RENOVATION ~ pipe shelving

We're slowly but surely progressing with our master bedroom closet. If you remember from my last closet post, we decluttered and organized  all the crap important items in the closet. We've also painted the walls a cheery yellow, and laid engineered wood floors just like our upstairs hallway. After we finished this part of the project, life got in the way....end of school year, vacation, vow renewal, frisbee tournaments, etc. Now that life is starting to slow down a little bit (and not for … [Continue reading...]


Dad and I just dropped you off in your tiny, cramped little dorm room with its elevated bed, dresser tucked underneath, and the cold tiled floors. This will be the first time you will sleep in this new bed sharing a room with a complete stranger that I pray will become your friend in the coming months. I was being very strong as we unpacked your boxes, made your bed, ran to the nearest Lowes Food and stocked up your snack bin. We had to say goodbye in the Lowes parking lot because we couldn't … [Continue reading...]

THE PERFECT PIECE ~ for a perfect piece

Do you remember the store I told you about a few months back called “A Perfect Piece”? You can read about it and come back if you’d like 😉 Me and my dear friend Miss H had a blast walking through this beautiful (and rather large) consignment store and I can’t wait to go back! […]

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A PERFECT PIECE ~ a consignment store

Yesterday,  my sweet friend Miss H and I enjoyed a beautiful breakfast at “First Watch” which is a nice breakfast place in the town of Cary, NC. We’ve been going to breakfast since our children were in kindergarten together which was 16 years ago! WOW! I feel old! After we finished breakfast and felt bad […]

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HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!~ Our menu and decor

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! We are having a little family picnic today and I wanted to share our menu with you. First up…… Baked Barbecue Baby Back Ribs Ingredients 1/2 cup ancho chile powder 1/4 cup white sugar 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup salt 2 Tablespoons freshly ground black pepper 1 Tablespoon ground cumin […]

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A TRIP TO THE BEACH ~ Corolla, North Carolina

Last week, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal at a beach house we rented in Corolla, North Carolina, about 4.5 hours drive for us. Although the weather was predicted to be pretty wet, we headed to the shore anyways. Here was our view as we drove east. The downpour is to […]

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