FLUFF/FAT BOMB ~ a sugar free low carb treat

It's the LOML's birthday today.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!   For every birthday that we have celebrated in our family (and that's a lot of birthdays!), I always ask the birthday person what kind of dessert they want me to make so we can light the candles and sing "Happy Birthday" to them with. I've done shaped cakes (Batman, Thomas the Tank Engine, Basketball, Barney, Elmo, plus so many more), cupcakes themed in a Princess tree, and different colored cake/frosting … [Continue reading...]


About 34 years ago (seems like yesterday), I was attending a College and Career bible study at my new church. We met in a large room with ping pong tables, a pool table, and a large meeting area with folding chairs. Because I grew up playing ping pong (and I've got some skills if I do say so myself!), I picked up a game with three guys. Me and my team mate crushed the competition!! One of the guys across the table (on the loser's side) was my future husband, the LOML (Love of My … [Continue reading...]

INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION #32 ~ Garage Organization

I’m so excited for our next project! I’ve been planning our master bedroom makeover in my head FOREVA!! BUT…..before we can start on the first project of the bedroom makeover which is the reading nook, we have to make room for all the wood that we need to store while building the bench/bookcases for the […]

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  Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays! Besides all the candy (which I can’t eat anymore), the beautiful flowers, and all the love in the air, it’s also the LOML’s (Love of My Life) birthday. I always thought he had such a cool birthday. He does get a little shafted because […]

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Here in the great state of NC, we got a little snow. Unlike the north where y’all continue living your lives with 4 inches of snow, we in NC stop everything. No work, no school, no driving anywhere! I am NOT complaining though because I love SNOW DAYS!! We get to sleep in, stay in […]

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INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION #31 ~ getting ready for Valentine’s Day

  All the Christmas decorations are taken down and put away. What’s left are some pretty winter decorations. I’m staring at my fireplace mantel with its pretty green garland and shiny green ornaments along with some white candles and I’m thinking….I’m gonna have to put all this away and find my Valentine’s Day decorations some […]

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