A “NEW” OLD TABLE ~ and a new distressing technique


While planning for the hallway redo, I wanted something beautiful for the weird special wall right here. It's the first thing that greets you when you walk upstairs.(Forgive the wood and painters tape. This picture was taken before the board & batten wall treatment was done.) In this space I pictured a large mirror above a beautiful table with some pretty accessories. You can see how I made my large mirror on the cheap here. For the table, I started looking for just the right piece. I … [Continue reading...]

A GNOME GARDEN ~ happy birthday sweet friend!


I have a sweet friend who celebrated a birthday last month. I wanted to do something special for her this year. She, unlike me, has a green thumb and she LOVES gnomes. I've seen on Pinterest broken planter fairy gardens. They are so pretty! Why can't I do it with gnomes? I ordered a bunch of cute miniature gnome figurines and other decorative pieces from Amazon. I ran to Lowe's Home Improvement and bought this beautiful planter. I also picked up some greenery and succulents. I think I got … [Continue reading...]



HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! In lieu of the fact that I’m stuck trying to make a decision about the french doors we’re hanging in our upstairs hallway, I’m dedicating this INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION to french doors. Prendre Plaisir (which is french for “ENJOY!”) Source Source Source Source Source Source Elizabeth Garrett Interiors Source Source I love all […]

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BOARD & BATTEN HALLWAY ~ the final reveal and big plans


I can finally show y’all the board & batten hallway all finished. Oh wait! Not “ALL” finished. Just the board & batten. Click the link to read how we hung it. Here you go…. You can see my large mirror on the cheap. Click on the link to read how I made it. Underneath the […]

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A LARGE MIRROR ~ on the cheap!


I found a great idea on Pinterest… AGAIN! Source We’re slowly finishing up on the upstairs hallway. You can see all the inspiration here. We’ve completed hanging the board & batten this weekend. We have filled in all the nail holes, sanded and also added some extra pieces that we had left in the foyer […]

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ENTERING A NEW STAGE ~ Goodbye swing set


Being in this club called parenting, we are all in a constant state of transition. From newborn and all the wonders and stresses that brings along, to toddler and constantly on the move, safety is a big factor. As the child becomes more independent, tantrums and “I’ll do it myself” are frequently experienced. Beginning school and losing […]

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A HALLWAY WITH PERSONALITY ~ and a little board & batten


How was your 4th of July? The LOML had a four day weekend and all but one of the kids was home for the summer so we had lots of family time planned. Barbecuing baby back ribs, shrimp and pineapple kabobs, corn on the cob, pasta salad, fruit salad. Along with all the fun, we got a […]

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Charleston is such a beautiful city so full of history and character. If you missed mine and my best friend’s first day excursions in Charleston read here. I think I forgot to tell you guys that Boone-Hall Plantation was the sight of some famous movie scenes. Do I have any “North and South” or “The […]

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BEAUTIFUL CHARLESTON ~ and a beautiful friendship


This weekend I had the honor of celebrating my longest and dearest friend’s 50th birthday. Appropriately, my friend (I’ll call her Miss L) is one of the most beautiful souls I know and we celebrated her special day in one of the most beautiful cities. My dear sweet tired friend worked the night shift Thursday night, […]

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We did some gardening outside recently. Remember the pallet fence we built around our air conditioning unit last year? We tried to replant some bushes from the front of our house to around the fence. They didn’t like that very much so they died. This spring I wanted to find a flowering bush that would add […]

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