AN ORGANIZED CLOSET ~ trapped in the house

In January, NC was bombarded with about 2 inches of snow. (insert sarcastic snicker) Believe it or not, we were stuck in the house for a few days. The two inches of snow came Saturday morning. So we took  a walk in the new beautiful white stuff and froze our little butts off. Church was cancelled, Son #2 couldn't go to work, the LOML's work site was closed, and  school was closed Monday and Tuesday. I know all of you who live north of NC are laughing at our response to 2 inches of snow!! And … [Continue reading...]


Do you know the feeling you get when you've worked really hard for really long on something and you just completed it and you look back and say, AAAHHHHH!!!! (insert sigh noise) That's what I'm doing right now. The hallway renovation is finally and completely complete. Let's look back on all that we've done before I reveal the completed and beautiful hallway! Photo Gallery Wall Board & Batten Beautiful French Doors A Large Mirror A "New" Old Table We've had a lot of fun and put … [Continue reading...]


Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone! Because the expectations for your wardrobe today are green, I want to dedicate this INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION to the color green. Enjoy! Green Food Inspiration Source Green Home Decor Inspiration Source Green Dish Inspiration Source  Green Shoe Inspiration Source Green Fruit Salad Inspiration Source Green Tablescape Inspiration Source Green St. Patrick’s […]

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The last part to complete the upstairs hallway wood floor installation project is the transition pieces to connect the carpeting or linoleum in each room to the wood floors in the hallway. There are 7 transitions to be done ~ four bedrooms, the bonus room, a linen closet, and the laundry room. We attacked the […]

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THE LONG AWAITED STAIR TREAD ~ alias the bull nose

As you may know, we’ve been working on installing hardwood floors in the upstairs hallway. You can read about Part One. You can read about Part Two. You can read about Part Three. We’ve been waiting for the bull nose to add to the top step for a smooth transition from the carpeted stairs to the wood floors. In […]

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Laying the hardwood floors in our upstairs hallway, we’ve learned many do’s and don’t’s. Here are our top 2: #1) Starting with a space with many alcoves and crevices, a boring  rectangular shaped room will be a piece of cake! #2) Walls are not square. MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE!! This is what we’ve done so far. […]

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