OUR WEDDING VOW RENEWAL ~ and 30 years of wedded bliss

Just recently I wrote a post about being married for thirty years and some advice about what I think has helped us survive thirty years. I also shared a project that I did specifically for our trip for our summer vacation where we renewed our wedding vows. We just came back from a trip to the NC beach of Corolla where we laid on the beach, played in the pool, sat in the hot tub, ate a lot, and had a sweet little "ceremony" where we renewed our vows. I had been planning the "ceremony" for … [Continue reading...]

ALWAYS HUNGRY ~a diet that finally works!

WARNING: THIS IS NOT A HOME DECOR ENTRY!! If you're not interested in losing weight or eating healthy, back away slowly, turn around and run for your life! I'm going to share a little bit about myself which I'm not 100% comfortable doing, but here goes. I have always been thin. When I say "always" it seems like yesterday I was a size zero and weighed 98 lbs. and people were telling me to eat more. That was about thirty years ago. Since then, I have slowly gained a pound or two going away to … [Continue reading...]

INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION ~ beautiful beach houses

My family and I spent the week on Corolla Beach, NC enjoying family time, pool time, game time, beach time, eating out time, relaxing time, reading time, and a whole lot of fun time! Since I’m spending the week in a beach house I thought I’d use this INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION to share some beach house inspiration. Enjoy!! And you’re […]

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Life is constantly changing. From growing up to moving to another area, to changing schools, to leaving home, to getting married, to having children. You can measure just how fast life flies by by watching your children grow. We’re getting ready to send our Son #4 away to college. I recently read an article written by […]

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If you know me at all, you know I LOVE the ReStore ~ a store filled with everything you could possibly need to renovate any room in your house. Just walking through the place gives me inspiration. One of my favorite finds is old windows. I used one of my window finds for this project. The LOML […]

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The LOML (Love of My Life) and I just celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary. THIRTY YEARS!!!!!!!!! I remember our wedding like it was yesterday! I’ve known my husband over half of my life but yet I can remember the first time I met him, the first time I thought of him as not just a […]

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