Just in case you're like me, let me introduce you to the sun. Here on the east coast, we have completely forgotten what it's like to experience a sunny day. Are y'all being affected by Hurricane Joaquin at all? We've had rain for the past couple of weeks non-stop and we're anticipating more with the hurricane coming. Sadly, we spent one of the weeks at the beach. Not a lot of beach time but a whole lot of family time. It was great!!! Now, we're bracing ourselves for Joaquin. Be safe … [Continue reading...]



I feel Fall in the air! Not really, but let a girl dream would ya? Here's a little Fall Inspiration! INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION Fall Mantel Inspiration Source Fall Drink Inspiration Source Fall Tablescape Inspiration Source Fall Castle Inspiration Source Fall Centerpiece Inspiration Source Fall Outfit Inspiration Source Are y'all ready for Fall yet? I sure am. I love the cool weather, pretty colors, sweaters, boots, and lots of pumpkin decorations! Have a great weekend … [Continue reading...]



Hope everyone’s week went well. This month has been full of goodbyes which I never enjoy!! Two kids going back to college. Visiting friends going home. Kids starting school. Life is back to the routine but I miss my kiddos!! Hopefully, all the inspiration will cheer me up a little! INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION KITCHEN INSPIRATION Source […]

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The second bathroom redo (or what we lovingly call the “Fishy Bathroom”) is finally complete. With summer vacation, ultimate frisbee games, family time, and life in general, this project has taken way longer than I wanted. This is what we started with. Now you know why we call it the “Fishy Bathroom”. As our kids grow older, […]

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PHOTO BOOKS ~ my love for Shutterfly!


I love photographs! I love everything that has to do with photographs…the taking of them, organizing them in books, displaying them. My house is loaded with pictures of my family! You can read about my kitchen display here. You can read about my window display here. You can read about my foyer display here. I […]

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The LOML (Love of My Life) brought home this magazine from his last trip to the grocery store. He bought it for the picture on the front. So of course we had to try them. SWEET & TANGY CHICKEN WINGS INGREDIENTS 3 lbs. chicken wingettes (about 30) 1/2 tsp. salt, divided Dash pepper 1 1/2 […]

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I found this recipe on Pinterest the other day. I just LOVE Pinterest!!! Source Looks yummy right?? So the LOML (Love of My Life) went grocery shopping to buy all the ingredients. Have I ever shared with y’all how lucky I am to have a husband who likes to grocery shop?? Either that or he’s […]

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PROGRESS ON THE SECOND BATHROOM ~ alias the fishy bathroom


We’ve been working on the guest bathroom this weekend after a long break. You know how life gets in the way? School, sports, vacations, etc. Well, my girls started back to school and we had a break in our frisbee tournament schedule so we took advantage and got some work done. Just to recap, this […]

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COLLEGE DRESSER REDO ~ and I didn’t do it!


Son #3 is moving out of his college dormitory and into an apartment off campus. You know what that means don’t you? FURNITURE SHOPPING!!!!! And where does a cheap DIYer find great furniture for cheap? HABITAT FOR HUMANITY RESTORE!! We found a great but a little beat up dresser for $55 that my son liked. […]

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Look what I made over the weekend!! I’m gonna have to be honest with you……I didn’t make them ON the fourth but the day after. We had made plans to see the fireworks with some friends so we weren’t going to be home to enjoy dessert so I waited until the next day as we […]

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