THE LONG AWAITED STAIR TREAD ~ alias the bull nose

As you may know, we've been working on installing hardwood floors in the upstairs hallway. You can read about Part One. You can read about Part Two. You can read about Part Three. We've been waiting for the bull nose to add to the top step for a smooth transition from the carpeted stairs to the wood floors. In my research, I found this great diagram for all the terms that I think I've been misusing. Source So, today we are replacing the stair nosing for the top step. This is what the … [Continue reading...]


Laying the hardwood floors in our upstairs hallway, we've learned many do's and don't's. Here are our top 2: #1) Starting with a space with many alcoves and crevices, a boring  rectangular shaped room will be a piece of cake! #2) Walls are not square. MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE!! This is what we've done so far. Part One Part Two And here is what we've done the last couple of days. DAY #5 I came down with a mean and ugly stomach bug in the middle of the night. I was down for the count … [Continue reading...]

INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION #25 ~ Beautiful hardwood floors

Happy Friday Everyone!! Because we are in the middle of laying hardwood floors in our upstairs hallway, I thought I’d post some inspirational hardwood floor pictures for this week’s INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION Enjoy! Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source As you can tell, I’m partial to the dark flooring. It looks so […]

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After two days of working on pulling up the carpet and preparing the base molding and door jambs for the beautiful wood floors, we were aching. We both really looked like 90 year olds walking around the house!! You can see what we did here. The incentive of beautiful wood floors pushed us to continue […]

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Happy Very Belated Chinese New Year! My LOML works for a company from China so the week before last was a big holiday for them. SCORE!!! He took off last Friday and Monday so we had four days to rip up carpeting and lay down beautiful wood floors (or so we thought!). DAY #1 The […]

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INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION #24 ~ closet inspiration

Because I am in the process of organizing and designing my master bedroom closet I thought the INSPIRATION PINSPIRATION should be dedicated to closets. Enjoy and be inspired! Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source WOW! Lots of beautiful and organized closets to enjoy. Now I need to get back to my […]

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